Were You Expecting An Internet Booking Site?

Internet Search Is A Great Starting Point 

If you do it as a profession that is! For the average consumer, its a great way to get so darned excited as to overlook the most important details in search of a "deal". How about that unexpected 18 hour layover and missing that king-size bed on the first night of the resort stay?

Internet bookins can be a lot like building a Frankenstein, an amalgamation of pieces that websites roughtly stich together electronically to present a nifty deal to you, which you in turn you are believing is perfect because, well, it's on the Internet; therefoere it must be true. Not so, the threads and stiching are likely to come loose.

Folks, there are no deals, just service-less, faceless Internet sites taking the same commissions that a skilled agency would be thrilled to provide endless service for. Self-service or Full-Service; same price. What have you got to lose? Your Money and your time.

It's a jungle out there and not everything adds up just because it's on the Internet.

Truth, even the simplest vacation bookings require coordination and great attention to detail; we're not talking about walk-a-straight-line with your hands on head type of coordination. Let us pay attention to minutia to maximize your travel budget and vacation time without worry. We're constantly watching trending fares to specific destinations and often receive advance notice industry-only sales. We don't believe everything we see on the Internet because it's our job to know better.

Frequent Flyer Awards...

"NOT A PROBLEM" and good on you! You earned them now let us help you use them to get you where you want to go, when you need to be there.

*Tongue ,' cheek, sure, but we're also serious about the subject matter. This offer applies only to advance assistance. We take no responsibility for those who have already dug a square hole yet look to fill it with a round vacation. Our team is logistically gifted and have on occasion pulled rabbits from hats (without harming the hare) but... no, we're not magicians, we're logisticians and trained in the art of amazing.

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