For your enjoyment, your participation options and selections have been coordinated with your host's activity plans and schedules, the bride and groom and their families.
They are so appreciative of your participation and fully respect your time and effort to travel to join in their special day. We respect your personal free time and budgets and the bride and groom have asked us to extend to you the best of Costa Rica's famous activities and excursions in and around the RIU properties. Out of respect for privacy, enhanced enjoyment and budget, we strive to bring the wedding party together for these optional activities as private groups instead of tour busses with strangers; your experiences can be more private and intimate, far more value for your money and more in touch with nature and the local culture and of course in touch with Pura Vida.Our local relationships allow us to offer a variety of unique experiences that are strictly capacity controlled; not generally offered to hotel guests or local tour sellers and we do so on your schedule, meaning you don't wait for stragglers or deal with strangers and possible behavior issues. Everything has been selected by your hosts based on their understanding of their guests. We are also here to take any additional requests you may have.

The RIU Resort environment is quite expansive and can be a bit confusing where tours are sold many places in the lobby and hustled along the beaches, almost anywhere you go someone is selling. It's also quite remote and isolated with climate that of a dry rainforest or savannah much of the year.  It is not the "jungle or rainforest" that one sees photos of the pure dense green. This is why people generally mix up their stay with some local experiences and then splurge either overnight time away from RIU or a long day trip to take in the iconic Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, most of those selling tours are unfamiliar to the point of never having been on the tour or don't they think your transit time on a bus full of "all inclusive" happy revelers is important to provide. Many think it OK to sell 3X days tours to the same area, that's 8 hours in bus per day, 4 hours each-way. We think that's an important omission and not going to happen with us. The destinations in that range are truly awesome, but once we shed the public stragglers, we can accomplish as much in one day as they offer in 3 days for a fraction of the price and vastly enhanced experiences. Not to mention the obvious; we're not going to have you 3 hours off- shore fishing or 3 hours away from RIU when the wedding begins.

Rightly so, you want to cut loose and have fun, but alas, we are the keepers, those that keep you from having too much fun at the wrong time. Right place, right time, muy bueno. Pura Vida!