Technology plays a large role in how we bring a modern products to market.  From the latest in Canon still and video equipment and GoPro action cams to editing and layout, most of the effort takes place behind the scenes before a reader sets their eyes on a single word or image.  What impacts people the most is the delivery of a high quality visual experience regardless of media; print, motion graphic, video, photo or or text online.

In print, its our goal to produce high quality editions using the best paper, inks and printing processes to produce colorful, coffee table display quality publications, highlighting vivid images that project the realistic beauty and charm of the subject.  We hope our magazines find a place in your home or business to be enjoyed over and over again.

Online products present a different challenge; keeping readers on a publishers page and responding to call to action.  Because of the vast amount and the speed in which content is being displayed, digital content is far more transient, less permanent.  For this reason, the visual quality and multimedia effects of an online edition need to be even more eye catching with a higher entertainment value to keep readers engaged.

Because of these very different priorities, Vida Travel+Media has been experimenting with various ways to deliver digital content with the most innovative and engaging reader experiences.  We believe our content is best suited to the flip-page style; one combines the best of print and computer based multimedia to simulate the paper magazine experience while delivering the excitement that today’s multimedia brings to life.

Thanks to feedback from our reader panel and design staff, we have chosen the Flipbuilder Flip PDF Pro  environment for our ongoing releases of Costa Rica Guest Magazine.  We found and evaluated many products that provided similar functionality, but the deciding factor was the ability to deliver stunning visual quality for our photos, quickly while maintaining integrated functions for hyperlinks and multimedia.  We urge anyone in the publishing industry to examine all products available to meet their unique needs, but recommend that Flip PDF Pro for MAC and Windows be considered.

Vida Travel Media is affiliated with several technology partners;  Envato Marketplace to deliver the most vibrant and exciting designs available today. For custom solutions and to tell your unique story, we recommend WP BeaverBuilder for customized drag & drop site design. For US-based hosting and support we recommend Media Temple.

Travel often involves very specific geographic information data in order to reach a destination. While many destinations and businesses are familiar with traditional street locations, more detailed information is required for true geographical directory and search purposes.  While we obtain raw data from a variety of sources, it is often lacking pertinent geo mapping data.  To complete our geo mapping efforts, we have partnered with Texas A&M University, Department of GeoServices.  We thank them for their kind support and excellent work.

While we wholeheartedly believe in these products and technology, its important to disclose that Vida Travel Media may receive compensation for referrals to the above mentioned products and services.