Relax, You've your guests!

You're the wedding couple! You should enjoy your event and time with guests just as you planned it.
But as the wedding couple, we all know there are 1,000's of details and arrangements you've got to juggle as the big day approaches, least of which is guest management. You've been so immersed in the day-to-day planning of the "big" decisions that another necessary skillset is often overlooked, until its too late.
Face it - and like it or not, you will become the official go-to for everything minor to major, planned and unplanned, from questions related to what type of liquor will be in mini-bar, to being on call for 30 of your closest friends and family when they ask for the 5th time, where and when? What do we need to wear? How will I get to/from the airport, how much is the hotel, whats included? What is the currency? How do I pay for this? What events and activities are planned? Can we hang out together or will we be on our own? Multiply times the number of guests and..
Your closest friends and family, when taken out of their normal day-to-day and transported into your Costa Rica wedding may behave quite differently than expected; now emotions, relationship dynamics, unfamiliar settings, schedules, language, jet-lag and the influence of alcohol 24/7 come to the party.
We've been told by wedding couples that their guests often behave in surprising and different ways than the people they thought they knew.
Guests become tourists. Wedding planners and DIY guides are great for many things but Guest Travel and Tour Logistics is a Professional Travel domain of expertise. 
Guests typically fall into two category as described by our many couples;
Shadow. Many become very clingy and unsure, even forgetful, forever questioning the details as if for the first time, regardless of the number of times the details have been shared or provided. Can you imagine 15 of your guests always at your heels asking about what's next when you're trying to manage family, rehearsals and other events?
Herding Cats. The flip side, some become overly independent as they intend to make the most of their trip (rightly so), to do and see everything in addition to the wedding; often to the point of needing to be reigned in. "Sydney, how could you book that fishing tour, you are going to miss the ceremony."
The list of examples is endless but it all comes back "on your back' in the midst of everything else on your minds. Well, it doesn't need to be that way!
Our RIU Wedding Manager takes the burden "off your back" and Manages the event from a travel and tourism perspective while wedding planners deal with the event itself with rehersals, tables, flowers, seating and so on.
Together, we apply the latest technology to your event and guest management because you don't need to be the "go-to" when technology can do it better.
Together we take your dream week plans and present them in a way that blocks out all the important events planned for guests while giving guests the independence (and responsibility) of making their own
We Manage all questions related to:
Planned Activities
Tours (optional and planned
All Payments
No public tours, no lines, no drunk strangers on the bus. Everything designed and arranged to your exact specification and activity.
, You won't need hassle guests for money, all arrangements from All-inclusive resort, private transfers, tours and wedding planner all arranged by us and ****READ THIS**** No Additional Cost. We bill your guests and remind them if and when payments are due. You focus on your event and activities as the star attraction, not the banker and tour guide.