We will survive this and awaken forever changed in the dawn of a new day.

As we pick ourselves up to rebuild our families, communities and society, lets use this time to rethink the wisdom of old ways and industry-dictated terms to create a stronger travel and tourism industry; a panacea - where independent thought and entrepreneurial leaders will emerge. 

"Because its always been done that way" is yesterday's thinking. Old behavior, old business models, industry-associations, consumer behavior - have already changed forever. 

The level playing field belongs to those that actually make tourism run; not those that feed off it. Independent, entrepreneurial thinking is the new normal; harness it. 

Time to employ technology that benefits is today, only when and where its beneficial, not a burden. To accomplish this we must reduce barrier to entry for small businesse owner-operators to utilize technology that increases efficiency and reduces redundency, fraud and waste. 

In the past, fear of losing a client, a booking, a marketing channel, regardless of efficacy or redundency has driven decisions.

Lets examine our next steps carefully. We are a work in progress.

Jerry Puda

New Travel Economy