Travel Manager is a Specialty Program for Event Management and In-House Travel Departments

Definitions and Attributes:

  • Art of moving many people, from, across and to many destinations, expecting everything and everyone to arrive with luggage at the same place and time.
  • Manages complex itinerary across multiple carriers, geographies and time zones.
  • Manages complex passenger information, airports, splits, open-jaw, traveler preferences, loyalty accounts and most important.
  • Various payment methods and accurate Cost Accounting and Reporting.
  • Proficient in and has access to various portals, GDS and 24/7 back office support. SWABIZ, others.
  • Individuals must be unshakable, tenacious and have contacts and means to resolve any situation that arises 24/7.
  • Travel manager plans for disturbances and changes.
  • Master of geographic and logistics information.
  • Guru-like skills that can make seats appear out of thin air.

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